Distance: 15 km
Time: 1 - 3 hrs

Re-opened in 2013, this was one of the very first mountain bike trails in South Wales. A mixture of climbs, descents, rough rocky sections and smoother flowing new sections. Something for everyone!

Kind of a mellow trail for a red, there are only really a handful of technical features that earn Penhydd its red grade. Most of the route is classic fun and flowy Afan-style singletrack.

The climbing is mainly on fire roads and is never particularly gruelling or relentless but will certainly get the blood pumping and will be a worthy challenge for new riders.

The effort is well worth it with plenty of thrills on the way back down towards the visitor centre. Look out for "Big Dipper" as a reward for the first big climb and make sure to savour the classic "Dead Sheep Gully" which was one of the original sections of trail back in the day.

Props to the Cognation crew for getting this trusty old trail back into shape!

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Afan Lodge
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Park Farm Camping
27.9 miles

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The Star Inn

The Star Inn
24.9 miles

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